TC4000S Stainless Steel Marine Intercom System


The TC4000S, is a stainless steel version of the highly successful TC4000 system but with a uniquely stylish design that makes it ideal for Motor Yachts of all sizes.
It  can be configured to operate as a Talkback or an Intercom system.


Talkback Mode

Provides communication between one or more Master stations and a number of Sub-stations.

Master stations can call other Masters or any of the Sub-stations by selecting the appropriate channel number.

Sub-stations call the Master by pressing their ‘Call’ button and, once accepted by the Master, enjoy hands free communication.

The Master speaks to all active stations by pressing the talk button.


Intercom (Peer-to-Peer) Mode

The system can operate in group mode without the need for a Master station, although one station is usually given the role of Master.

All stations are permanently active and any station can talk to all the others by pressing the ‘Talk’ button.

No station has priority over any of the others in a configuration that is normally considered an intercom.