Quad view camera Switcher

QS-94 Front Panel

The QS94 real-time colour quad is a sophisticated, yet simple to operate, desktop unit with loop through connections to offer not only a stand-alone quad function, to display four cameras simultaneously on a CCTV monitor, but also to provide an auxiliary display in conjunction with multiplexers or PC based CCTV systems.

The QS94 will take up to four cameras and offers numerous live displays to suit most applications for 4, 3 or even 2 cameras all with full-screen capacity. The on-screen menu is easy to follow and provides variable alarm alert and auxiliary sequence periods, audible alert on/off, flashing borders (in alarm state) and numeric camera identifier on/off.

The auxiliary (spot monitor) output may be used for either quad or full-screen sequencing display and can be programmed to react in a number of different ways to an alarm alert. Alarm contacts are either all normally open or all normally closed with an alert period of 4 to 120 seconds with an audible alarm alert sounder on/off option.

The QS94 comes complete with a 12VDC power supply and is backed up by a non-volatile memory which will retain programmed settings on power loss.

Dimensions: 254(W) x 150(H) x 43(D) mm